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Date: 27 Aug 2006 15:25:09
Title: Madeira - Funchal

Lagos - Madeira. Arrival in Funchal
Leaving Lagos
We finally arrived in Madeira this morning at 0600, we motored into the marina and grabbed the first berth we could find. Within an hour we were moved on, typical! Leaving Lagos
Well what a ride it has been, we have all been bashed about a lot, I got thrown across the cabin and smashed my head on a teak rail, splitting it in two (the rail that is), Kathy wrenched her shoulder and we all got bruised being thrown around. The Atlantic waves were rather large for our little boat.. But we are all here safely now and Madeira looks lovely. We have just finished cleaning the boat inside, need to tidy up outside then we can relax.
Tomorrow I have to find a welder who can re affix our self steering gear which broke off 250 miles out from Lagos. At the time I thought it had ripped a hole in the boat and it was curtains for the Baba, however we were lucky and the bracket broke leaving the boat intact.
We plan to leave on Wednesday for Las Palmas.
Cheers, P

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