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Date: 07 Jul 2006 12:57:38
Title: Arrival at Lagos

End of leg 2
Well we made it! At abut 5am waited alongside another yacht on the reception pontoon at Lagos Marina.Lagos is pronounced lah-goosh much to my embarrassment.
We had a great trip down from Bayona, meeting lots of worrying fishing boats , like this one, who steamed 10 miles just to haul his catch in in front of us.
No Dolphins, perhaps because of the large number of tuna nets that are laid around this coast.
We had huge waves again and 35knot winds (f8), it doesn't  look much on the pictures but you should have been here to feel the awesome nature of these waves. twice water came into the cockpit, but it was not much more than a splash, a credit to the boats design.
Just as we turned round Cape St Vincente we started the engine to assist us up the coast into Lagos, however it soon failed due to a lack of cooling water, now we were at risk, under headsail alone, we couldn't point high enough to make landfall in Europe, I wondered if I had any charts of morocco ?
In the end, the weather calmed, allowed me to rig reefed main and staysail, this allowed us to make for the Portuguese coast, not where we wanted but further along, where we might anchor. Next onto the engine. stripping down the impellor exposed a damaged 'O' ring which was replaced, a few minutes later we where away again. Dodging scores of small fshing boats was the next challenge, It was  like being in a Roman Catholic church with the lights off, millions of candles lit all arundl. Finally we got into the Marina this morning after a few hours sleep on reception pontoon.
I'm hoping to get wireless access sorted later today so will reply to those emails we have received, thanks to all those who have shown an interest in the trip,. Now we have to tidy up and prepare for the trip back home, we need to be back in time for the sunday quiz at the Hilbre!
Paul & Kathy

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