logo Lady Stardust Faro-Portugal to Barcelona - 2010
Date: 27 Jul 2010 15:48:03
Title: Sunday 25th July

A late start to the day today so it was already quite hot when we got up.  More dust removal and sorting out interior lockers for me while Paul got the sails ready for when we leave.  Cadiz is our next destination – a 17 hour passage - but we’re not sure yet when we’ll be setting off.  It all depends on the wind direction and sea conditions. We’re quite happy to stay here anyway because it’s so relaxing, especially now all the jobs are gradually being ticked off.  At 4.30 we went over to Culatra in the dinghy and walked along the wooden boardwalk that leads to a nice beach. 

It was so hot and we were keen to cool off with a swim.  The water was lovely – strong waves that pulled and pushed you around while swimming but great fun and so cooling. 


One of the three or four restaurants on the island had been recommended to Paul as serving the best fish in the area so we decided to treat ourselves to eating out there in the evening.  At 9 we were sat at a table in restaurant Zarika. Restaurants here don’t bother with menus – there is usually a blackboard with list of available fish.  The friendly owner introduced himself to us as Alex and spoke a little English so we were able to order a meatless and fishless salad for me, along with the locally produced cheese.  Paul had some clams followed by Corvina (a fish similar to sea bass) and we shared the vegetables so it was a great meal.  When we’d finished Alex produced a huge complementary platter of sweet and delicious melon and oranges and a large brandy for each of us (so two large brandies for Paul). 

We had forgotten to bring a torch with us to light the way back in the dinghy so had to hold Paul’s iPhone (which is equipped with a handy torch app) aloft for the short journey back to the boat.


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