logo Lady Stardust Faro-Portugal to Barcelona - 2010
Date: 27 Jul 2010 15:37:35
Title: Friday 23rd July - Culatra again

We spent the morning preparing Lady Stardust for the afternoon launching.  I was a bit worried they’d come and do it while Paul was away taking the hire car back but he was back in time to paint the parts we couldn’t get to when they removed the blocks to load her on the trailer.  I was still on board, engrossed in a book when this happened.  I felt a huge jolt and the boat began to move which was a bit alarming but Paul said it was ok to stay where I was. 

It was great to watch them gradually lower her into the water – a very graceful experience.  Once in the water I steered us through a narrow channel for 2 and a half miles until we found a place shallow enough to anchor.  The island of Culatra is a small and beautiful island that we were very taken with last year and which I described at length in the blog. 


After a late lunch we set about unpacking and stowing clothes and washing away some the dust outside and inside the boat.  There are several other boats at anchor here and lots of fishing boats going to and from the island.  They create a bit of noise and rock the boat as they pass and we’ve seen a few jet skis but it’s generally peaceful and the weather is glorious.  We were able to watch a lovely sunset this evening while having dinner.

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