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Date: 06 Jul 2006 12:53:49
Title: Riding the Rollers!

During my 4-8am watch on Wednesday morning the waves gradually increased in height and force until we were being rolled fiercely from side to side.  There were alarming crashing sounds coming from down below as things began to fall and get thrown around but later we discovered the only things on the floor were some papers, a few books and my Neil Young CDs (much to Paul's amusement). The boat was being tossed around so much in the increasing wind speed it was hard to steer a straight course in order to avoid all the buoys marking the fishing nets.  I went to bed at 8 30 expecting that things would be calmer when I woke up but if anything the waves were higher and the wind stronger by midday.  The rolling was such that the effect was like being on a bucking bronco -impossible to tell which direction the next lurch would hurl you into.  I managed to make us a coffee with some difficulty and then thought it best to stop moving around and thus avoid ending up in an ungainly or painful position on the floor - breakfast would have to wait.  Lying on the bunk reading The Great Gatsby while being rocked from side to side was not too hard to endure and Paul was relishing the conditions up above.  Luckily neither of us felt seasick and in spite of the relentless rolling and difficulty maintaining balance, the sea was an impressive sight.  Huge walls of water were coming at us from the back and the side which pushed us along as they broke and then we were in a chasm between them until the next one pushed us up again.  This has continued throughout the day and sadly there have been no dolphins since we entered Portuguese waters but that's just as well due to the large numbers of fishing nets around.  The latest estimated time of arrival for Lagos is now 7am Friday morning as long as we keep the speed we're doing.  Still enjoying it all and looking forward to the last part of the trip.
Cheers, Kathy

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