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Date: 29 Aug 2009 16:49:07
Title: Further adventures in Ayamonte

Tuesday 25th August


There was much more of a breeze today when I got up. It was early because I couldn’t sleep due to the bite on my leg from some insect that had feasted on me a week ago. It was itching badly and looks very unsightly but despite my protestations that it’s no ordinary bite and isn’t healing as it should, Paul insists that I’m overreacting.   Later in the morning Paul and I went for a walk further up the hill in the town and discovered some charming buildings and houses adjacent to an elaborately constructed flight of steps.  They were pink, very wide, made of stone and decorated with pebbles.  We climbed to the top for a good view of the town and the bay and admired the houses and flats next to the steps. 


At lunchtime I prepared the huge feast we’d planned for the day before: lots of cheese, ham, crackers, bread, pates, salami, salad, and crisps (and a few glasses of wine and coke to wash it all down).  An hour or so later we caught a bus to a nearby beach called Isla Canella – a 15 minute journey.  It was after 5 by this time and quite windy – although everyone poured scorn on my claim that it was a bit chilly.  They had cause to agree with me when they went in the sea, however and the wind blew on their wet bodies – it was also full of slimy seaweed so we moved further on. It was too windy for me to get in the water so I lay on the sand and attempted to read my book – the brilliant Alone on a Wide Wide Sea by Michael Morpurgo in the face of strong gusts of wind blowing sand in my face and making the pages flap around so I abandoned that and went for a walk on a spit of sand that was fast becoming covered as the tide came in.  We had a drink in a beach café before going back.  There were pictures of flamenco dancers on the walls and ceiling and we agreed we’d love to see an authentic performance of this lively and colourful dance.  The bus ride back was full of Spanish teenagers playing loud music and talking loudly – just like being at home.  We had a light snack back at the boat and then went for a late drink in the square.  Paul fell asleep during our nightly game of trivial pursuit and Gabe went on to win on his own.


Vilamoura Marina entrance



The Marina



The beach at Culatra


Man barbecuing Paul and Gabe's tuna


Off to the beach



Trying to catch some fish


Ayamonte marina



Ayamonte town square



A bank Ayamonte style

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