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Date: 23 Jun 2006 13:17:44
Title: Liverpool to Kinsale

Hi everyone, I'm really just testing to see if this system works, if so , which I'm sure it does, we will be posting regular updates to the blog as our journey progresses.
Right now we are packing bags ready for our flight back to the boat which is sitting in Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland.
We sailed there over a week ago and flew home to attend to other matters. Now when we fly back in a few days time we will be sailing due south for Portugal, non-stop to the AlGarve. This will take between 8-14 days depending on the weather. We don't carry enough fuel for the whole journey, so we are dependant on the Gods to bring us fair winds.
Crossing the Bay of Biscay will be a significant event for both of us, however right now the forecast looks good for a lovely crossing. Fingers crossed.
Details of our trip to Kinsale exist on our website at http://www.lady-stardust.co.uk/arc_2006.htm
Kathy and Paul.
SV Lady Stardust

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