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Imagine of Plymouth
Sat 8 Dec 2007 18:20
OOW log, stardate: don't know, lost track of time on here now.
On a voyage, somewhere. Gybed so many times, we don't know if we're off to Greenland or Papagonia!!
The 12th night..............................
Ok, so I'm not really one for his type of literature, as I found out at school, but........
I tell you what, our 12th night was not poetry or a good story. Actually, neither was the 11th or 13th for that matter. Absolutley shocking, but I think Rudy has outlined the events in the earlier blog, so I will spare you more details apart from when Chris and I were on from 4am....talk about being surrounded. We really thought things were out to get us.
We had 10 squalls in a line on the radar screen just below our position, and as we watched, they all seem to goad us, join up and hit us within minutes and stayed with us for over 2 hours. Heavy wind and rain. At first we were forced to change course towards south Africa, then we were off to Greenland.
It was interesting to see the echosketch of our path on the computer this morning. Talk about sunday drivers, hehe.
Anyway, after our exhilerating morning of riding waves at up to 16.5 knots, the weather has at last calmed a bit, and we have the sun out, although we know it is only a short restbite. There is still lots of wind and squalls forecast out there, but we are quietly hoping that we have manouvered away from them. A lot of boats have been advised to sail down to 16 degrees North, where we happen to be now anyway. So that's all good.
Off have come the oilies, and back to shorts to dry out for a while.
Admiral Chris has really got into this sailing lark. He is constantly on his virtual sailing machine, down below, in the orrafice, checking all the facts and figures. Hang on Chris, that's not sailing, that's about wine!
Right, I have been doing a little digging in to the crew's thoughts and have asked them a few questions about their trip on the good ship IMAGINE OF PLYMOUTH.
I know it's a bit early, with 3 or 4 days to go, but I thought it would be fun to see anyway, and I'll tell you at the end if the answers have changed.
These are just general Q's about the trip.
1. What have you missed most?
Robert :   Annette and the kids
Rudy   :   Clare and his sax (I think that's what he said)
Chris   :   Denise
Arthur  :   Renate
Mark   :   TC
2. What are you most looking forward to when you get to St Lucia?
Robert :   Stable platform, space and getting off this b..... boat.
Rudy   :   Bed
Chris   :   Denise
Arthur  :   Renate. A cold beer. ( I don't know in which order)
Mark    :   A cold Caribe, and the 27th.
3. The worst bit/ moment of the trip?
Robert :   Last 24 hours with the weather that we have had
Rudy   :   Motoring for 11 hours during the night with no wind.
Chris   :   The perpetual rolling of the boat.
Arthur  :   Rudy burning his fingers
Mark    :  Rudy fighting with the spinnaker and getting rope burns, and motoring.
4.  What have you enjoyed the most about the trip, your highlight?
Robert :   Realising the enormaty of the ocean - it's unbelievable.
Rudy   :   Huge waves, and surfing down them.
Chris   :   Sailing down wind under the Spinnaker.
Arthur  :   Helming down wind with the kite up, and not broaching.
Mark   :    Surfing down waves at over 16 knots.
5. Best thing/bit of kit that you brought with you?
Robert :    Waterproofs (and we think also his sat phone so he could talk to his wife 
                and kids all the time).
Rudy   :    Lifejacket. ( and we all think the worst were his damn shirts. Turn them down
Chris   :    Spare reading glasses (Thanks to Rudy, they came in very handy).
Arthur  :    Sailing gear
Mark    :    Wet weather jacket.
6. Your thought/comment about the trip?
Robert :     It's not a walk in the park, it's an endurance.
Rudy   :     Awesome.
Chris   :     Awesome, 1st time sailing.
Arthur  :     Good, but too slow, and it's not been brochure weather.
Mark    :     Absolutley fan bloody tastic. Bout time I did it...
7.  What will you miss the most and least about the trip?
Robert :     Most:  It's the end of a challenge, so box ticked.
                 Least: Inability to get off, or go anywhere. Too many restrictions.
Rudy   :     Most:  Nature, and being with the elements.
                 Least: Lack of sleep
Chris   :     Most:  The whole enviroment, being at 1 with nature.
                 Least: Banging my head in the cabin, all the time.
Arthur  :     Most:  The sailing.
                 Least: The bed.
Mark    :     Most:  Surfing the huge Atlantic swell
                 Least:  I've got 2 here. 1st being to not have to put up with being a pinball    
                            flying around the forepeak, and 2nd, if any1 can remember that the
                            floor of the heads used to float when you showered. Well, they don't
                            float anymore, they spin you around like a record on a turntable
                            now. So, not going to miss trying to not smack your head on the
                            door handle when on toilet and boat pitching and healing like a
                            bugger, then when you get up, suddenly being swung around hitting
                            various rails on way to being dumped in handbasin and headbutting
                            mirror when spinning on the turntable.
And that ladies and gentlemen, is life on the ocean wave. 
So, tune in same time, next time for more adventures of the sailing vessel IMAGINE OF PLYMOUTH, and her oh so adventurous, and lost, crew.
Bye for now.
Mark, Arthur, Rudy, Chris and Robert.