Imagine of Plymouth
Tue 4 Dec 2007 17:09
Last night was very queit, hardly any rolling just making a gentele 6-7 knots. Some of us had more trouble than others in staying awake and we know have a competition who can keep Robert longest awake during a night watch......Not easy because you also have to concentrate on sailing, navigation and weather. We all think it is very funny how soembody can sleep at any angle and place!!
Anyway this moring we started with fried breakfast and put the asymetric up. We where sailing fast and a very happy ship. Unfortuntaley the wind has turned such that it became a beat. No problem but very unusual for this time of year. As it was pretty flat we did some washing (we have a washing machine on a 50 ft yacht) washed the decks and surprise surprise caught a large fish which is now being prepared for dinner. Arthur cleaned cockpit became in instant mess.
Other surprise is taht Robert made it out of the cockpit since we left Las Palmas!
Chris has already verntured to various parts of the boat and is taking an active interest in sailing the boat and keen to learn how to use his new toy! So many ropes!
So we are hoping for new winds, do not think that despite the best weather routing we would have a few hours with no wind. The weather maps we have show 5-10 knots but there is nothing! Apprantly it is going to blow from tomorrow midday onwards. We hope so because we only have enough feul for 3 days motoring and we have another 1200 miles to go (approx 6-7 days)
 Motoring is allowed in this rally. Somehow or another it gets factored in your final result
Apprantly there are lots of boats around us but we can only see one.................Will be interesting to see whether they have switched on their engine.
That all! Regards from the crew of Imagine