evening blog

Imagine of Plymouth
Sat 1 Dec 2007 18:47
You have already seen a long blog from one of our crew today but just wanted to report taht we did another fast day, 181 nautical miles. Just with the jib poled out and 1 reef in the main. Keeps it safe and simple. Henry our autopilot has now taken over all steering duties and we no longer get involved and than making the occassional gybe. The tactic ta the moment is to run straight down to St lucia although we have been unable to load any weather files so if there are any experts out there your opinion will be valued!!
We had a great lunch with bread rolls flying across the table wilhst at the same time a squall came through. Anyway it did not stop us we had the bimini up.
Our generator is quitely doing its business to keep water making so we can take daily showers, hover the boat and Chris can keep in touch with the office through email. We had a scary moment that we lost signal but after a gybe it recovered!!
Apprantly my spelling has been pretty bad in previous blogs for which i apologise. However writing whilst hanging on the chart table and the keyboard you miss a few keys.
Thanks to Piers Thomas and Lisbet to keep us updated on the Barcelona World Race and the Americas Cup. Trying the explain what is happening to Chris and Robert about this event is nearly impossible. We have no access to other world news (do not need any either) and it will be interesting to see how the world has changed when we arrive. dollar-euro, oil price, interest rates, another banking crisis, flooding etc etc.
Whilst cruising along we have had endless discussions about yacht design and what is good and no good. Quite interesting and everybody has their own ideas.
It is nearly dinner so will finish thos blog. Latest position at
1845 21 41 17 N 032 33 85W speed between 7-8 knots. Waves have been as high as 5 meters it was an incredible experience riding down them.
Take care and regards from the boys of Imagine of  Plymouth.