Imagine of Plymouth
Tue 27 Nov 2007 15:33
Hallo All,
We are humming along now after an eventfull evening, of wind, no wind and heading direction New York to get wind angles right and keep the boat moving. Arthur and myself studied the weather chart carefull plus the ARC reports and decided to stay close t the rumb line (most direct route) and latest position report shows that we are doing well and it appears one of the few boats who did not motor!! Motoring is allowed but you must report it.
Last night we had an excellent meal heated up by Mark, Renate's meal prepartion was probably the best move of this crossing!! Nobody likes being below when it is rough and rolling especially as captain Arthur does not like going slow. Sleeping has been a problem for us all, the bunks are not really made for the sea. Chris has got a double aft with no lee cloths so he has seen all corners of his cabin. He is also underneath the aft cabin so can hear every winch grinding, people walking and clipping their harnesses on and off. Robert has for the first day started to perk up a bit and is slowly starting to enjoy things, he even pulled the down haul once today!! He offered to make lunch but felt sick again when going down below. Arthur has been able to put a few hours sleep in and now very motivated that we are one of the leading boats in class. Nothing appears to phase mark who sleeps in the bow and during the night regulary lifted off is bed when we bounced off a wave. I have moved beds to the leeward side of the boat. Unfortunately i only have 6 inches clearance when I lie on my back so a bit cramped.....when Arthur was on watch I nicked his bed and also slept outside.
We are now falling in a routine of lunches and have had our first showers!! This was not possible earlier as you would have taken out the bathroom door due to rolling of the boat!!
This afternoon we put the big 190sqm kite up and where flying!! I helmed for approx 2 hours and Arthur another 2 hours with speeds in excess of 9 hours.  Seas where huge builing up to approx 12ft and decided that when it started to blow 22 knots true is was time to take it down. We have a snuffer but I still had to pull my full weight on it to make it work. For thos who are worried I was wearing a lifejacket and clipped on!! Quick packaway and now going on along at 8-9 knots. We are considering putting a small spinnaker up for a few hours. We will have no kite up during the night as we all need to sleep!
Lots of chatter on the SSB about position reports which is distracting me from writing.
Increadibly we also had a few phone calls today so that equipment seems to work! (Arthur was very happy about this) Robert was sitting outside with the comfort of his Iridium phone talking to his wife. Approx 10 years ago when I sailed from Australia to Thailand whe had a GPS and VHF, how times have changed. We need to run the generator running approx 6 hours a day to keep all the systems going including the large wide screen tv i am writing this blog on.
We have got a fishing line over the back put after 6 hours no fish yet so it is just slowing us down.
Anyway more later, I am cooking duty!
See you from a sunny Atlantic