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Imagine of Plymouth
Mon 3 Dec 2007 16:33
Sunday was an eventfull day! Read on........
After lunch we decided we needed a bit of action after reading and catching up on a few stories. We all voted to have to cruising chute up. This went wonderfully well. and we where steaming a long at 8-10 knots making up some lost miles. Everything set nicely and Arthur was handsteering, Rudy off to bed and Chris started Sunday roast which when you are rolling about is no easy task and he was assisted by Mark who is a wizzard around the galley. All of a sudden an almighty ban. Feared the worst but never been so quickly on the foredeck including lifejacket. No chaos but the asymetric had come down and was now a very large fish net on the side of the boat. We all worked together as a team and she was quickly on board and we had the jib unfurled in 15 min! What an excitment. All the time Chris was busy in the galley cooking a lamb roast.
Arthur and myself inspected the rig and all seemed Ok. Dinner was wonderfull. Very calm night so most of us got some sleep in. Although Rudy did the same trick as Arthur by rolling of the settee hitting head on cockpit table. Mark was in stitches of laughter as he had seen the same happening the previous night to Arthur!
In the morning Arthur went quickly to the top of the rig. It was one of those rare days that there where not to many waves about altough top of the rig will swin 2-3m from side to side. Luckily we had purhcased new blocks what was surprising is that the block which was fitted by the sales and commissioning agents Sea Ventures in Lymington is that it was hugely undersized. Something of a 35 ft boat!! Thanks although with all the other problems Arthur has experienced with them so far he is not surprised. We also managed to fix the tri color which also gave up. So this morning the aysmetric went up again, unfortunately the wind has now shifted to the SE so we have the white sails up. For the first time in many days we where also able to download some weather files. Light airs and back in the trade winds Teusday afternoon (we hope!). As we had trouble obtaining accurate weather information Cees Jurg and a few other have been advising us on the weather with quick web access from the shore. Interestingly they where all saying the same and stay on the rumb line!
 At approx 1300 we had our mid atlantic champagne party! Only 8 more days to go, depending on whether of course.
Other than that there is little else to report, one boat was with us for most of the day but now disappeared.
Apart from dolphins last night and flying fish during the day we have not spotted any other wildlife.
That all for now, have a nice day!!
All the best
Rudy and rest of crew of imagine of plymouth
1530 position
20 07 32 N
038 18 922 W
Wind 105 9.7Knots. Barometer 1023 (falling)