Sunday 6th December

Sun 6 Dec 2009 13:50
An Ode to the Flying fish.
Oh flying fish, oh flying fish, so sleek and slight by day,
Why is it you attack us when the sun has gone away?
Your silver fins and gliding wings, by daylight can be sighted,
And then you come to dinner when you haven't been invited!
At dawn you you lay on foredeck, just because you can,
The final laugh belongs to us, Fetch the frying pan!
It's the second Sunday on the good ship Fenella, the big news being that another bottle of rum has been found! With only two and a bit days to go this should surely see us to the finish line, keeping the cook off the gin and avoiding argumentative food! Other less important news is of a broken spinnaker pole and a broken pole cup at the mast. Thankfully spares for both are at hand and we are continuing our good progress towards St Lucia.
Also, the Commodore was given his first flying fish breakfast yesterday, which he thoroughly enjoyed and he has now become a keen harvester of these bizarre beasts.