Thursday 26th

Thu 26 Nov 2009 12:21
An easy night was spent on Fenella as we work our way in an ESE direction. The wind has so far held up and we have had 15-25kn of breeze in the right direction. It is becoming apparent that we are one of the most southerly boats and we shall see how this plays out over the next few days.
Fishing lines were put out this morning by a certain sneaky individual, after it had been decided yesterday that it was blowing a little hard to fish, and that stopping the boat in this wind was not going to be easy. His plan of self glorification came to an abrupt halt when both lines were taken and he realised that he didn't have enough hands to deal with them single handedly. Justice was truly served when having brought the boat to a stop, his fish fell off and having been raised from my slumber by the scream of reels, my fish (a fine tuna) was boated. As a certain "Grumpy" would say " Back of the net!"
The only other occurence worth a mention is that Dr Hutchinson has been busy practising and I am pleased to say that a certain crew member is feeling a lot better, having got quite a weight of his mind.