Wednesday Nov 25th

Wed 25 Nov 2009 14:38
News from the good ship Fenella  remains positive with many incidents of good humour. To date Tim and Alan have been unsucessful with the fishing but we have decided on a new ploy. Filet steak has been taken out of the freezer in order to lull the fish into a false sense of security. Tim also thinks putting the lines in the water may help but John of Southern Ocean fame having sailed on BG Spirit our twitching racing man believes the lines will create to much drag. Squady Hutch our Host, Owner, Skipper and Task Master claims to be keen to make the trip as comfy as possible. This is questionable as the crews supply of super soft dongo paper has run out and we are now down to Broco/Izal type rolls of thin Spainish stuff which Alan bought believing he had found a bargin. You can tell who does the shopping in his household !!! The Skipper on the other hand has a good supply of luxary super soft in his quaters but its blue and traces can be seen around the forward guard rails.
Yesterday was about good healthy eating due to the over ripe condition of much of our veg and fruit. Tim threw together a magnificent fresh fruit salad for breakfastand for Lunch Alan came up with a tasty salad with Ibericam ham. The evening meal was stir fry veg with chorizo sausage. Bxxxxy great but we are looking forward to red meat tonight.
One small gripe centers around Fenellas handicap. The Skipper is fretting about this point as he believes he has been stuffed. Does this have anything to do with the case of rum he has on who gets there first Akarana or Fenella. We think not.
And for anyone that's interested, it's been blowing 15-25 from the noth east and we are lookinhg at another 185+mile day.