Friday November 27th

Fri 27 Nov 2009 09:42
A more than usually disturbed night with a wrap leading to a 0230 sail change just as most of us were sleeping off yet more great food. To our menu we have now added tuna, sashimi, salad and marinaded steaks, claimed by Tim although as he was woken from his slumbers to act merely as the electric reel this could be challenged. Not only did I set Tim's line and gaff the beast but with consummate skill made my fish spit the hook when I realised that we did not need two fish. How's that for environmental awareness.
Fenella is, of course, a dry ship as you could hardly call the midday can of Eurofizz a beer, more a soft drink. Unfortunately at sunset we each have to have a glass of grog merely to uphold the traditions of Nelson's Navy so this may be forgiven. Equally understandable is the bottle of wine we have to compliment our evening repast so, all in all, a dry ship.
"Who's been tidying up again ?" complained the Skipper "I can't find anything". It was not Richard, he was on watch.

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