Kissing in the Night

Sun 29 Nov 2009 13:49
The Sun has got his hat on, hip hip hurrah ! Yep it's nice out here, hot sun ,clear skys and 15kts of breeze up the chuff (from behind) we are now  down track ,1300 miles and I'm pleased to report an air of positveness about the crew. Prolific cleaning of loo's (well done Jenner), laundry and attending to toe nails,not to mention fishing are the order of the day.Yesterday was a frustrating day, four spinnaker hoists, three rips and to cap it all we inadvertadly packed our precious ball of wool, which is vital for stopping up our kites _I hope King Neptune has more success on the knitting department than we've had.The good news is that we managed to get PennyUp  and boy 'didn't she look pretty, slim in the hips and slightly short in the skirt ! During the day ,I'd caught Tim "leathering" (type of marine sexual form of self gratification) , just like the vasaline it stops the dreaded "Chaff " _it involves intricate skill of the needle, yet another hidden talent. Sadly all this effort was to no avail as the Guy snapped ,just as we were getting into our night sail, the rope was doggey and we had taken a punt in the wrong direction. As Tim later explained " there's no point in polishing a turd "
I hope the Yellow Brick is working back home and you are able to follow our progress_we have a cunning plan! Today, Morrow, who looksabit like a vicar is to hold Matins on the foredeck and we are going to repent our sins and prey that the boys to the north fall into a bloody great hole (area of lack of wind)_Spriggy will dish out the communion and dried biscuits- anything for a midday sharpener! 
On a personel note , it's so rewarding to see genuine affection between crew; today John spent considerable time making Richard a cup of coffee which Richard promptly spilt into the cockpit, through his cabin window and on to John's bunk_how about that for a thankyou. ! Secretly they're making real progress; they've managed to resolve their sleeping problems by the application of aftershave and a slight lowering of the lee cloth_rumour has it, there maybe a kiss in the  offering!
I know you all very busy but an email or two would be great for moral. Deepest love to you  all and close with the prays from todays service written and lead by John:
Dearly Beloved we are gathered here today of the first ARC Sunday on the good yacht Fenella, for a short service of thanksgiving.  We give thanks for our crew:
- our great navigator Spriggs (otherwise known as "Vasco Pyjamas"), without whom we would be lost on this wilderness of the Ocean; Lord guide him mercifully and quickly to his next G&T (we ran out yesterday);
- Jenner, stower of all things good and cleaner of all things bad; forgive him Lord, for sleeping on watch;
- Tim, doer of all things and always with great enthusiasm; Lord you were wise enough to guide a fish to his rod (in this you were helped by Vasco) - please Lord, let's have some more;
- And last our brave skipper, Hutch. He of the good bedside manner who makes sure we want for nothing; he is wise and decisive (well ok, he is the skipper); Lord protect us from his lashes;      
A thought and prayer for the whole ARC fleet including those ***** ***** on Akaramah; Lord guide them all safely to Rodney Bay but behind us in the results and ensure that their TCF's are big ones.  A more serious thought for those who have died doing what we enjoy so much; and especially for Iain "Hands" Sutherland who died recently and no doubt is watching us and telling everyone around what we are doing wrong!