December 6th 2010: What has each crew member been up to? Part II

Enigma's Transatlantic Voyage
Manuel Ribeiro
Mon 6 Dec 2010 20:55

13:03.70N 34:27.90W


Sunday came as a day of acknowledging feats of both duration and distance. In terms of the former accomplishment, the day marked 2 weeks since leaving Las Palmas and 1 since Mindelo. With regards to distance, it marked something perhaps more significant: we have crossed the journey’s halfway mark!


Much of the crew have recognized these accomplishments with a hint of disbelief – feeling as though we have not been at sea for that long. The time, particularly this last week, has gone by very quickly for some.


So in the spirit of this day, marking accomplishments as well as the end of the week, we decided to fill you in on what each crew member has been doing to pass the time:


Manuel Sr.: After finishing Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Paths of Glory’, I read ‘A vida num sopro’ by Jose Rodrigues dos Santos. It is a book about dreams and dilemmas during life in Portugal in the 30’s. Now, I’m reading ‘A General History of Pirates’ given to me on departure by a good friend (obrigado, Ze A. Silva!). This is a book written in the 18th century about Piracy which, as we know, was especially thriving in the Caribbean. I have also spent time thinking about the trip – which has been extended 4-5 days due to the lack of wind. Although this changes travel plans for some, I am very happy that we have enough provisions to cope with this delay and, at least so far, no accidents or breakdowns of equipment. The wind has picked up and I am confident that we will accelerate for the rest of our journey.


Ze: I have mostly been thinking about sailing the boat. I am reading Pilot books and thinking about some emergency solutions in case we don’t show up. Most of my day is passed looking at the charts, at the sea, and thinking about things on shore. I have not spent a lot of time reading like the others, but I am thinking a lot instead; most of my thinking is connected to navigating the boat.


Pena: The trip has been going on and I have been busy with helping the controls of the boat. I am also finishing Henry Kissinger’s ‘Diplomacy’. A book by Nixon’s former Secretary of State, I have enjoyed reading it very much. It is very well written. That said, I wouldn’t say that the trip has gone by as quickly as others have thought. Because of the wind, I was often concerned with getting to our destination on time. Now that it has picked up, however, the worry is gone.


Boyan: I am coming towards the end of reading ‘Shantaram’. It is a book -- recommended by a friend back in London – which I have not been able to put down (thanks Jack!). A true story about an Australian ex-con’s 8 years in Bombay, the author really connects you with the story’s unique characters and is condensed with clever anecdotes covering all elements of life. Besides this, I am coming along with my self-taught Portuguese, keeping up with my journal and taking time to think about things I may have otherwise not had the time to.


Manel: I have started reading Salman Rushdie’s ‘Midnight’s Children’, taking the time to read and digest this brilliant book sentence by sentence. It is written very creatively and I am enjoying reading it. Thanks Jony – I know who to go to for book recommendations! Besides this, I am simply living day by day and soaking in this experience. I have come to realize that there is no way that I can appreciate this trip enough, as I most likely won’t have this kind of free time for the next 40-50 years. That said, I am very happy to have decided to do this trip and skip a semester. And I know that I will be talking about this trip my whole life.


This covers a lot of what we have done to enjoy the spare time. However, it should also be mentioned that we spend a lot of the day simply enjoying each other’s company. We joke around, get into stimulating discussions and enjoy eating delicious meals all together. This says a lot about how well the crew has gotten along, seeing as though most of us have been around each other for a month and a half.


Speaking of meals, if you are interested in learning how to cook a special Portuguese recipe that we will be eating soon, stay tuned for our next entry.  


Until then,


The Enigma Crew


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