December 3rd 2010: St. Lucia? Straight ahead.

Enigma's Transatlantic Voyage
Manuel Ribeiro
Fri 3 Dec 2010 12:44

13:06.00N 28:42.00W


In the post-script of the previous entry, it was mentioned that we were heading south west – pointing towards Brazil – and looked to continue in this direction for a few days. Afterwards, we would head in a more westerly direction towards St. Lucia. This was planned under the assumption that we would have to wait for the trade winds to be established in a favourable direction.


During the course of this journey, however, these predictions have not always panned out – and it has often been to our benefit. This was one of those instances.


At noon, we had reached a position where the favourable trade winds had become established. This allowed us to change course and, as Pena put it, “zero in” on St. Lucia. It was exciting to see St. Lucia on the GPS – albeit almost 2,000 miles away -- with our course directed straight towards it.


It was a full day of fantastic, downwind sailing, so the crew took advantage. Manuel Sr. supervised the boys while they capably rigged and hoisted the gennaker. The difference was immediately felt as we picked up speed to an average of about 6 knots. Though the wind’s presence was consistent, its direction was not, so the end of the day saw us gybing more frequently than we’re used to (and with the lack of action in the last few days, we were not complaining!).


Aside from this, it seems as though our luck for fishing has picked up! It was the 3rd day that we had caught enough fish for dinner – which we enjoyed with the last of the tomatoes from Las Palmas. Since our stock of fresh produce from land is starting to run low, we’re glad that we have been able to get fresh food from elsewhere!


Overall, the day was not as spectacular as the previous day’s whale sighting, but it was one of small triumphs that we appreciated.


Enjoy your weekend,


The Enigma Crew.



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