December 10th 2010: Penaforte's Day of Teaching

Enigma's Transatlantic Voyage
Manuel Ribeiro
Fri 10 Dec 2010 13:09

It was the 2nd day in a row where we were in the presence of good sailing conditions – the ones that should have been around the whole trip. With 25 knot winds at our backs and some swells similar to the previous day, we enjoyed speeds over 12 knots and averaged about 8. So we looked forward to the full day ahead.


Fortunately for the boys, Pena was in the mood to teach a thing or two about sailing. Firstly, Boyan learned to steer at the helm and, thanks to Pena’s guidance, got the hang of it quite quickly. Now, he can be called upon to steer the boat when needed.


Following this, Pena sat the boys down and taught them the theory behind using a sextant. With nothing but a marker, a notepad and a half-empty water jug, he showed how celestial bodies are situated in relation to our planet, as well as how this can be used to determine a position. Manel and Boyan were left with good background knowledge of how the sextant works. They hope to put that knowledge to use in the days to come.


As is custom on the boat, a productive day of sailing and learning can only call for one more thing: good food! We had a delicious beef stroganoff followed by a rare bowl of Haagen Daazs ice cream each. Not too bad after being on board as long as we have.


So we head into Friday, knowing that it will most likely be the last weekend of this transatlantic voyage. Only 770 miles to go!


Have a good day,


The Enigma Crew

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