December 1st 2010: Finally, the "Trade Winds Motorway"!

Enigma's Transatlantic Voyage
Manuel Ribeiro
Wed 1 Dec 2010 14:17

15:09.00N 25:07:50W


Since it was the day after the ‘tomato shower’ (see previous entry), the crew all knew one thing: we better be in the mood for tomatoes. So many had been bruised or splattered from the night before that it was necessary for us to eat as many -- and in as little time --  as possible. So over a kilo of tomatoes were eaten with our preserved sea foods.


In between the tomato feasts, we looked to take advantage of the weather.  Though there was still no wind, it was a hot day, probably the hottest of the trip; those who got haircuts looked back on their decisions with satisfaction. This didn’t stop them, though, from taking a refreshing dip in the ocean (30º C). After 15 minutes of diving, splashing and swimming, the 3 were back aboard and we continued our journey.


It seemed like a calm day; when all of a sudden, loud and abrupt shuffling came from astern.


Manel and Boyan immediately shot up from their positions. What happened? Did someone fall overboard? After briskly inspecting the back of the boat, something had fallen overboard, but it was only an empty fuel canister. With that, we practiced our “man over board” recovery manoeuvre (motor on, change course, trim sails…) and were pleased to register that all was finished within 2 minutes.  Great practice, crew!!


We finished off the day with a movie and a meal of, you guessed it, tomatoes! Manuel Sr. prepared a delicious tomato soup for us to gulp down as we watched Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Full Metal Jacket’.


The day seemed all but over when the highlight of the day occurred. During the movie, Manuel Sr. became restless, checking the helm several times while the rest of us were glued to the T.V. He came to realise that, much to everyone’s delight, the trade winds had finally come! We quickly took a break from the movie, hoisted the sails and finally – after days of unfavourable or soft wind – enjoyed a proper, downwind sail. We finally seem to be on the “Trade Winds Motorway”!


The night shifts were made much more enjoyable, as it was a great feeling to have finally gotten what we had come for.


Until tomorrow,


The Enigma Crew

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