December 12th 2010: How much have we consumed so far?

Enigma's Transatlantic Voyage
Manuel Ribeiro
Sun 12 Dec 2010 15:55

13:23.90N 50:42.11W


Since leaving from Lisbon on the 1st of November, Enigma has sailed over 3,500 miles; a distance that exceeds what many boat owners do in a lifetime. With a trip like this, a lot of preparation was necessary to stock up and keep us going, especially with 5 hungry men on board.


That said, we thought we could give you an idea of what has been consumed since Las Palmas, and how much of it:


3,600 litres of fresh water           (150 litres/day)

1,100 litres of fuel                      (46 litres/day)

100 litres of drinking water         (4.1 litres/day)

168 cups of coffee                     (7 cups/day)

17 frozen meals

24 packaged meals

23 kilos of fruit                           (0.9 kilos/day)

20 kilos of vegetables                (0.8 kilos/day)

9 caught fish

20 litres of milk                         (0.8 litres/day)

6 kilos of stove gas

1 leg of Jamon Serrano

3 bottles of Gin

More than a few bottles of Wine

Several beers

20 litres of Pepsi and 7Up

11 Alvalle Gazpacho cartons

20 packets of Lays Gourmet crisps


Quite a bit isn’t it?


What’s even more impressive is that we have enough to keep us going for another week. Hopefully, as we are only 420 miles from St. Lucia, that won’t be necessary.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


The Enigma Crew


P.S. Hi Mom, Dad, Max and Nelly! I miss you guys a lot and can’t wait to see you guys soon. You’ll be hearing from me when I get to St. Lucia.










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