Monday 2nd December 2005 UTC 19°12'.5N 32°25.9W

Tue 3 Dec 2019 12:47
1 week on board and after the lull of a few days with the motor on, the wind arrived on Sunday and has been steadily building. Currently it's about 20 knots from the North East and we've been doing between 8 and 10 kts for the last few hours. We've reefed for the night (reduced the sail area) as the forecast is for the breeze to build to 28 knots. We have had some lovely sailing this afternoon. Jeremy worked out that if we average 8 knots we'll make the Early Arrivals party on the 11th. Bit of a tall order - but we're trying!
Life on board is easy, with us all being in good humour, enjoying the times we are together and giving each other space when required. We each do our night watches and I particularly enjoy the peace and quiet (although tonight looks like it might be quite lively). I've got a Learn to Speak Spanish podcast which keeps me company - I hope the rest of the crew can't hear me mumbling. I've discovered a new sleeping position which mostly stops me from rolling from side to side - I'm calling it the crucifiction recovery - well if Jesus did it so can I!

D on the C

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