Saturday 7th December

Tue 10 Dec 2019 11:45
Happy 19th Birthday to my beautiful girl, Cara and Happy 90th to my Mum, Mad Mental Maggie. Hope you both had a great day. xxx.

Chris does a rig check every morning, He goes up on deck and checks that everything is still where it should be, the mast, the boom and all the many attachments to them. He checks that there is no wear and tear or damage to the shrouds and that the stays are not frayed. When you've been on pretty much the same tack for 2,000 miles it means that the lines are getting repeatedly stressed at exactly the same points and chaffing can easily occur so he checks for this too. Routinely, every morning, he also has to clear the deck of dead flying fish who have employed their defensive attitude and taken off as Next Step displaces the water ahead of it's bows. The unlucky ones end up on deck - Our record is 12!

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