We made it!

Fri 13 Dec 2019 20:28
We made it! Next Step, a 46 ft Bavaria and my home and means of transport for the last 3 weeks completed the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, arriving into Rodney Bay, St Lucia on Thursday 12th December at 23:30 local time, some 18 and a half days and 3,000 miles after setting off from Las Palmas. The crossing was mostly painless and we managed not to break the boat. All crew are well and in good spirits, due to the lateness of our arrival, we only managed about 6 beers!. I definitely got lucky travelling with a great skipper and crew and we arrive without a cross word!

I loved it. Honestly...it was great to spend some reflective time off grid, helped me to plan my "Next Step" the sailing was fun but we had everything from flat calm to 30 kts of wind, so everything from boring to exhilarating. 3 weeks is a long time though and I had had enough after about 14 days, but that passed as we counted down to St Lucia...I'll definitely be doing more sailing but don't know if I'll do a passage again. Im going to charter a boat for a few weeks in the summer in the Med somewhere. Anyone fancy a summer holiday with a skipper thrown in? Get in touch if you do

D on the hard