Sunday 8th December 10:00 15°43'.9N 47°30'.8W

Tue 10 Dec 2019 11:45
The weather has been miserable for 3 days. A succession of storms and squalls have propelled us along, enabling a decent boat speed but not exactly cheering any of us up. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one on board wishing it over and dreaming about the other side! 3 weeks is a long timeto spend on an endeavour like this. They say that sailing is long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of abject terror...

None of us have fallen out (beyond the inevitable marital tensions, or maybe that should read beyond the inevitable internal tensions which are played out within the confines of a marriage - remind me again why we pair-bond, OK, perhaps I'm a little cynical), however we have all retreated a littlewhether that be emotionally or physically into our cabins as each of us is prone to do from time to time. For me it was dinner last night, now normally I love a Carbonara but without going into too much detail I have been unwell for the last few days cause unknown, so I decided to skip dinner and retire early, grumpy! The good news I'm 5 or 6 kilos lighter!

I think I've traced the problem to my water bottle. I have found a tiny little micro mould growing in it and despite a good clean with Milton, I still don't trust it and therefore haven't been drinking enough. Anyway, bottles changed now, hopefully it's not bilharzia and someone switches the tap off. It's sunny today, so veryone is back in the cockpit and chatting again. The trade winds(albeit slightly lighter and more inconsistent than we'd like) are pushing us along nicely, We have ;ess than 1000 miles to go, it doesn't look like we are going to make it for the early arrivals party on the 11th. I think it loks more likely to be the middle of the day on the 13th.

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