Friday 11th October 21:15. Somewhere off the coast of Morocco just past the halfway point of this leg of our journey.

Thu 14 Nov 2019 10:29

Into the third evening of our delivery and my queasiness now seems to have passed. Well I managed to make dinner, and to keep it down which counts as 2 steps forward. A Jerk Chicken, Apple Slaw and Coconut Rice. Very nice it was too. If you can bear to stay with this blog, you might have to get used to in-depth meal descriptions!

We have not had the sails up at all today,  what little wind we have had has been right on the nose and if we had the sails up they would only flap. Peter had calculated that we have enough  fuel to motor to Las Palmas, of course we would rather be sailing but we have also calculated that at a steady 7 knots we should arrive by sundown on Sunday. Pack up the boat and get a few jobs done on Monday and flights home are booked for Tuesday. I've just started the first watch of tonight, the other 2 have gone below. I'll be here till 11 and then back on from 3-5. The sea is very calm tonight, for the first time on our voyage and the moon is full on a cloudless night. We're 100 miles from the nearest land (the west coast of North Africa) and it is very serene. I pop my head up every 10 minutes or so to make sure there are no uncharted hazards and I have a look at the chart plotter to make sure there are no vessels looming out of the darkness. 

This afternoon we were joined by a pod of dolphins who enjoyed surfing our bow wave and Richard and I nearly convinced each other that we caught sight of something larger at twilight that may have been a whale, but if it was, it didn’t hang about. I’m a wee bit whale obsessed, so I’ll be reporting on every hint of the fabulous creatures.


D on the C