wildlife and wind

Rick, Helen, Sue, John
Sun 22 May 2011 19:53

Hello from 36.06.00N 44.19.00W


At last, in the early hours of Saturday morning wind from a favourable direction arrived.  Prior to that, following days of nothing, we were greeted with 20knots of head winds making Boston the most likely port of arrival!!!


They’ve been swimming mid Atlantic – did anyone tell them that (the previously reported) jelly fish are the favourite food of leather back turtles, that leather back turtles are the favourite food of ..... wish I could do the jaws music in this note ...  sharks ! Anyway they appear to have lived to tell the tale! After that, there’s been a sighting of an enormous whale close to the boat, followed by ‘blowing’ from a big pod – how jealous am I.


They are very bored now – now music, no new books and JC is having to prepare his work of art in long-hand.


Anyway, right now, good progress is being made for the next couple of days, then slower, then hopefully pick up a bit more favourable wind for the last day or so.  ETA hopefully by Sunday.


Otherwise, all’s well on board.


Remember, you can see how the progress looks on a map of the Atlantic at www.blog.mailasail.com/dandelion - and for any newcomers to the mailing list, if you click on the pins on the map the see full entry, you’ll be able to review Johns earlier entries – much more entertaining than mine!


And if anyone else feels like complaining about the standard of writing on this leg, feel free I can take it.