FW: life on the ocean waves - but without waves

Rick, Helen, Sue, John
Tue 17 May 2011 11:51

Hello from 32.38.00N 51.41.00W


Things in general are a little tricky right now... there’s just over 1000 nm to go, and fuel for less than 700... they’ve been motoring since mid / late afternoon on Sunday, and no wind forecast for a few days yet.  On the brighter side, they’ve had a visit from over 40 dolphins, a leatherback turtle and watched 3 pilot whales on their journey south.


The weather routers advice is to sail whenever they can but JC said in a somewhat grumpy tone – they would have travelled 4 nm yesterday if they’d done that.  All this anxiety of course results in me bearing the brunt of it and it somehow being my fault. They’ve checked the food and water; not sure about the beer though!


Does anyone know of any other boats out there in the same area that might have a couple of cans spare?


Remember, you can see how the progress looks on a map of the Atlantic at www.blog.mailasail.com/dandelion - and for any newcomers to the mailing list, if you click on the pins on the map the see full entry, you’ll be able to review Johns earlier entries – much more entertaining than mine!