still no wind

Rick, Helen, Sue, John
Wed 18 May 2011 11:14

Hello from 33.24.00N 49:45.00W


Just past the half way point


Well it seems as Shrek shows ‘herself of being capable of performing – the diesel  is now in short enough supply that today they will start to drift and await the wind. The plan is to save 300 nm of fuel for the last 2-3 days but will have to drift until wind arrives to sail.


Thankfully they did a bit of washing a few days ago, so no need to start wearing pants inside out (yet) but water supplies will be kept for drinking/cooking only I think from now on. Food is in good supply and so I think is beer and wine!


The sea is full of Portuguese Man of Wars – so swimming is not much of an option but the view is amazing. 


I think boredom levels are increasing so I helpfully suggested an exercise routine involving 20 press ups each day, scraping varnish off etc etc.


Does anyone know of any other boats out there in the same area that might have a couple of cans spare?


Remember, you can see how the progress looks on a map of the Atlantic at - and for any newcomers to the mailing list, if you click on the pins on the map the see full entry, you’ll be able to review Johns earlier entries – much more entertaining than mine!