Slow progress and fixing things

Rick, Helen, Sue, John
Tue 10 May 2011 08:41

Now we're close (ish) to 23:00.00N 63:00.00W


Actually, that is based on where I know they should be heading for today but following a phone conversation between Jean and Dave, news is of slow progress due to lightish winds.  Time is being well spent as John says  Dave is busy fixing things – why I ask, is John not doing so as well, perhaps he, or perhaps he’s found someone to chat to????  Anyway, Dave said there’s not much to fix - LOL. 


The sat phone is working well for texts I believe so at least they have a relatively easy  way to get weather information that doesn’t involve listening and writing down.


I’ll do another update once I have a confirmed position over the next few days.


Love to all