direct course to Azores

Rick, Helen, Sue, John
Thu 12 May 2011 17:58

hi from 26:27.90N 60:39.30W


Well they’re really flying along at the moment doing 8-9 knots on a course of 015 – and if they continue on that course they’ll miss the intended target so the brief is to head directly NE now for the Azores and whilst it will be a little slower, they will have these favourable winds for the next 2-3 days.  Poor Dave got rained on (again) last night – funny that cos I get a txt from John saying it was a lovely starry night with a great view of the milky way... I wonder if John arranges these shifts with some advance knowledge – bit like he always needs to disappear when the washing up is being done J.


Dave and Shrek have now been formally introduced by the way but the good  news about the wind – it means he (?) remains firmly  locked away for a few more days – shrek, not Dave.


Remember, if you want to see how the progress looks on a map of the Atlantic go to