No news day!

Dave & Becky Werrett
Tue 9 Dec 2008 09:51
December 8th
Position 14.17N, 48.59W
Well not alot to say about today really, the winds have improved so we have been under sail most of the day, downside to that is power gets low so computer is off most of the day and I can't check or send emails - our lifeline back home. Have had some wonderful ones form freinds and family - for all those reading this who have sent emails in the last week or so - we love getting them - so many diffenrent people have got in touch - I even had one from some really old frineds - my favourite Aunty Gloria! Sam and Dave had one from Sam's Grandparents who don't have access to a computer and who emailed via their neighboour - they sent some lovely words - which were really appreciated. So Thanks All and keep them coming!
Possibly of special note is Jordan read his first book - no I am not being sarcastic, he has always maintained that reading is "boring" - but he picked up private peacful by Micheal Morpurgo in the morning and did not put it down till he finished it - he then asked me to get him more books... wow! The disappointment of the day was that we ran out of water - the gauge said we should still have 100 litres left but the tanks are empty - so a new washing up strategy has been adopted which to date has consisted of Dave W, a bottle of fairy, a large black bucket and the sea... I guess we won't be the only things that are a little greasy when we arrive! We also got all the bottled water out from under our bed - we have 72 litres left so we have rationed that out to ensure we make it last! I guess we could always move onto wine if the water runs dry.
The sun was out in force yeaterday and we all dozed on and off - still trying to catch up on sleep - last night was quite rolly again and 10 minutes after finishing our first early watch - Dave and I went to bed, then the boat rocked wildly and a huge wave came though the window and dumped water on the bed - we were sat in a huge puddle, I was not amused - the bed had to be completely stripped and we are waiting for the sun to come out now to get all the bedding out to dry. Another lesson learned. But after that I couldn't sleep , neither could Sam - so we sort of spent the night wandering around, lying down in different places trying to get comfortable - we really are a very communal boat!
Well we now have just under 700 miles to go and we are all starting to get really excited. According to our reckoning and the predicted wind forecasts that means we will be in by saturday - please GOD that we are.