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If you want to find new horizons you have to let go of the shore


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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Feb 2009
Thu 12 Feb 09:29 Exploring the islands 15:51.00N 61:35.00W
Thu 12 Feb 09:27 Back In St Lucia
Dec 2008
Thu 18 Dec 22:36 A factual account of our troubles!
Mon 15 Dec 11:28 We DID IT!!! 14:04.00N 60:57.00W
Sat 13 Dec 03:37 Squalls & Pies! 13:58.00N 58:45.00W
Fri 12 Dec 08:17 sailing this way and that way 14:02.00N 56:45.00W
Tue 09 Dec 20:49 The last few days are the slowest! 14:12.00N 49:41.00W
Tue 09 Dec 09:51 No news day! 14:17.00N 48:59.00W
Mon 08 Dec 02:42 Catch of the Day... 14:43.00N 45:41.00W
Sat 06 Dec 22:51 That's what Friends are for! 15:11.00N 42:32.00W
Sat 06 Dec 14:13 Time to face a few difficulties
Thu 04 Dec 23:45 Time.. 14:36.00N 38:16.00W
Thu 04 Dec 01:25 Ode to the wind 15:17.00N 36:12.00W
Tue 02 Dec 21:45 Becalmed 15:44.44N 33:26.36W
Tue 02 Dec 01:10 Keeping cool! 16:00.02N 31:46.76W
Nov 2008
Sun 30 Nov 21:42 A week at sea, a day in our life. 16:50.19N 29:00.91W
Sun 30 Nov 04:35 Finally heading West 17:32.60N 27:24.44W
Fri 28 Nov 21:13 I need sleep! 18:30.00N 24:11.00W
Thu 27 Nov 18:17 Officially in the tropics 20:20.20N 21:54.73W
Wed 26 Nov 19:43 The wind returns.... 21:15.51N 20:41.49W
Tue 25 Nov 20:54 A really good day at sea! 24:07.00N 18:59.69W
Mon 24 Nov 22:39 ARC etiquette! 25:22.26N 17:14.60W
Mon 24 Nov 09:20 Crossing the starting line! 26:35.73N 16:13.93W
Mon 10 Nov 13:37 28:07.628N 15:25.584W 28:07.63N 15:25.58W