I need sleep!

Dave & Becky Werrett
Fri 28 Nov 2008 21:13
Position: 18 30 N 24 11W
November 28th
Very short Blog today. Not a great night - very very rolly! I was lying in the cockpit trying to sleep when a huge wave came over the side and dumped on me, I was dripping, then a flying fish hit sam in the face! And Molly jumped out of the cockpit to go to the loo - in the pitch black when we were rocking around - so she
is now strapped in. She has become obsessed with dolphins - so she keeps trying to jump out and look over the edge for them. Sam & I have dave'scold! and indy was sick over the side so not the healthiest crew this morning! I,m sure it will all look much better when I've had som esleep, tried everybed last night - like goldilocks - ended up in Indy's bunk!
Then sun came up - and we caught 3 more fish including 10-12k dorado/mahi/mahi-( not sure),  and wonderful blue fin tuna , the boys were absolutely besides themselves with excitment. After the third one - we took the lines in as we had more fish tha\n we could possibly eat. Dave W gutted them all and my Dave cooked on of the large fillets for us all for lunch - even Jordan thought it was "luvely!" The crew then gave me day off and I have done nothing all day - so am just about ready to face another night, just finding the whole thing alot more tiring than anticipated - but 1/4 of way there so will keep going! I now know what ARC meant when they said prepare for 30 deg heel - seas where we are, are more rolly than anything ever before, can not put anything down for one minute without antislip or wedgeing in! Dave's chilli went flying ALL OVER Cabin - that was after it had all flew out of microwave and we scraped it off floor! Am even wedged side ways in chair whilst typing.....
Big Dave W has been great - providing a much needed cheerful laugh - when everyone else is a little grumpy! Still it's shower day today so that should boost morale - we all stink!


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