Ode to the wind

Dave & Becky Werrett
Thu 4 Dec 2008 01:25
December 3rd
Position 15.17N 36.12W (00.30)
Well another good day, woke up to whales (see earlier blog), the sun was back with a vengeance and we hit our half way mark, 1470 miles down, 1470 miles to go! Downhill alll the way now. We also saw another boat - yacht 127 Namaste - they appeared as a beautiful vision on the horizon and stayed with us all day, pottering along a little more successfully than us with their cruising chute and main sail up in very light winds. We chatted on the VHF and they were also enjoying their half way lunch. It is so uplifting to see another yacht, I only wish we saw more but it is a huge ocean out there! Given there was absolutley no wind this afternoon, before dinner we also took the opportunity to have another dip, (see photo attached)  this time I made sure there was a memory card in the camera and I took some great pictures of the kids diving off the coach roof into the sea.
We had a big boat clean up this morning and everybody got clean bed sheets! We also vacuum packed all the quilts away, I don't think we have much use for them anymore!.It will be so nice to get in a clean bed tonight! Although we have a water maker, it is still necessary to conserve water and fuel, as the genereator is required to run the water maker so we only havea proper shower every 5 days! - we have to make do with a flannel wash the rest of the time. But the necessary absence of daily showers combined with the heat & humidity makes for a minging boat!
In order to celebrate the halfway mark we had a theme party this evening - it was dedicated to the Wind Gods and everyone had to write and perform a poem or song, accompanied where appropriate by a wind dance! This was a huge success and as well as having alot of fun, we went to bed under motor but were woken 1 hour later by the first watch because we had enough wind to put the crusing chute up - so we are now bowling along at 6/7 knts with wind finally filling our sails!!!
I have copied below the poems that were written - some required audience partipation - all were performed with great feeling and _expression_! Plenty of photo's were taken - but I managed to get one group shot - just after we opened our celebration tin of Roses! (This is on the ARC blog website, as I copied this blog to both websites) So in no particular order...

There are no such things as squalls  By Sam, Chilli Crew mate, age 16


I never thought that in dad’s presence, I would ever be short of wind.

Even with his curry essence, That can always make me cringe.

We’re floating here on the ocean wave,No wind to push us along.

All writing windy poems, Hoping that Dave’s isn’t to long.

At this rate we’re not getting back for Christmas, Maybe my birthday too.

Let’s hope the wind picks up else,We’ll have to send Dad for a ...curry.

So please pleassee wind come back,Ten to fifteen knots will do,

Because if all else fails, Dad We’re all relying on you,

Because there are no such things as squalls

Squalls come from you.


Ode to the east wind trades By Dave Wilson, Chilli Crew mate, age 21+

Sung as a Shanty

Go south they cry the trade winds are waiting,

Go south said Chris Tibbs, we have looked at the Gribs.

 Chorus  Wind blow for us, blow for us, blow for us, blow


The fleet have spread out all over the sea.

The weather set fair for you and for me.

Chorus  Wind blow for us, blow for us, blow for us, blow


We’ve sailed south to the Verdi’s waiting for butter to melt,

Trade winds we sought no wind we felt.

Chorus  Wind blow for us, blow for us, blow for us, blow


We head west to the islands, the trade winds are there

We head west to the islands, they have vanished I fear,

Chorus  Wind blow for us, blow for us, blow for us, blow


St. Lucia, St. Lucia the isle of our dreams,

You are in the mist , to far it seems.

Chorus  Wind blow for us, blow for us, blow for us, blow

Wind blow for us, blow for us, blow for us, blow


Our plea to the Wind Gods - by Becky, chilli first mate, age 21+

Who do we turn to when becalmed and alone

afloat on the ocean, just trying to get home

The sea now a mill pond, the winds are long gone

Our strategy in tatters, Where did we go wrong!

Others around us seem blessed with a breeze

No engine for them, their sails filled with ease

we worship the grib seeking inspiration divine,

is north best or south but we're running out of time

So please can I plead to the God of our wind

blow upon us now, we repent of our sins

No more iron genoa, in you we will trust

we wait in anticipation for a blow or a gust!

Still 1500 miles, let natures best prevail

Let us live our dream now

Chilli Oyster under sail!


The Wind - By Indy, chilli crew mate age 11

The Wind, the wind is everywhere

It's up and down and in your hair

It might be North, it might be south

you can sometimes fell it, in your mouth

The sea waves get higher and higher

as the ind gets more powerful

the wind is so amazing as it twists and turns all night


You cannot race if there ain't no wind! By Jordan, Chilli crew mate, age 15

A racing boat will sail with 10knts of wind

but a racing boat can't sail with no bloody wind

He does not care from where it comes

apart from on the nose

he does not mind the rain or storms

or even if it snows

All he wants is the wind

And the wind is all he needs

Getting to the finish line

Is really all he sees!


When the North wind does not blow By Dave, Chilli Skipper, age 21+

When the North wind does not blow, Then we shall go slow

And what will poor David do then

Poor thing, poor thing


His plane will leave on time, But Sam does give a dime

Cause he prefers the Caribbean to Lyme

Good thing, good thing


With an Iron genoa for wind, Chiili Oyster will not recind

The target will not be binned

Plucky thing, plucky thing


And with wind up the rear, She will go faster no fear

In St Lucia we will be of good cheer

wonderful thing, wonderful thing


Now Becky is up to her tricks, Wasabi, chilli and an evil chutney mix

So if the fair wind won't blow

Our flatulence will bestow

A propulsion that will not be beat

Not sweet, not sweet...!





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