Thu 6 Dec 2007 17:03
Damage report :
All broaken gear ar on sails.
Main : Leech on mast at carrier no 2 from below teared wile jibing .
Temparary repared by hand sawing.
All three upper battens broken and got out of their pocets.
Spinnakker 1:
Top compleet teared of by hitting of battens from the main.
Spinnakker 2 :
Top starboard leech ,2meter teared of ,by hitting of battens from main .temporary repaired by spinnakertape,Used the spinn to day . it lasted 6 houers and then riped apart in to halves.

We are continuing with genoa and main whitout battens.If the wind stays ,ouer ETA St. Lucia will hopefully be late tuesday 11 dec.

Dear Kenny I hope you have time to the repair.