Bayona update

Derek Parish
Sun 7 Jun 2009 10:54

We are here in Bayona and because it is Northern Spain the weather is not as hot as it is down south so the surrounding countryside is very green and lush, picture postcard stuff , the  Bayona Yacht Club it set up above the marina and is surrounded by a 16th century castle making it a perfect setting for an afternoon Gin and Tonic .


We have cleaned the boat inside and out and it now is prim and proper and is dressed overall as is the rest of the fleet.


After the Biscay crossing  everyone is now safely in the marina ,with tales of Whales and dolphin sightings on the crossing . All the crews are in very high sprits with the self satisfaction  running in top gear.

Most of the crews are on first name terms and there are around 60 people in total  on the 16 boats. There are quite a few crew changes with the new replacements coming for the coastal trip down the coast of Portugal.


We have been out to a couple of restaurants with other crews and the food is very good and the cost is reasonable, We went for a day trip to Santiago de Compostela, where there is a famous Cathedral which was a pilgrim site in the 15th century  unfortunately the weather was raining all day, it was a bit of a damp squid.


The Rally Sangria reception was on the yacht club veranda and Andrew Bishop of Rally Portugal arrange at the last minute a local restaurant to take 50 high spirited yachties such short notice the service was excellent as was the food. The banter was at an all time high between tables , so a good night was had by all.


Having problems getting a strong signal to send pictures but will keep trying and hope the text only mails will come through.


All the best


Team Andiamo