Update on the last week

Derek Parish
Sat 30 May 2009 11:29

We have been based at Plymouth for the last 5 days and working  on jobs that never get done because of time constraints .this will make the trip a lot more comfortable.


The first safety inspection went ok , with only a small amount of extra work , which was all completed the next day.


The rest of the boats have been arriving and everybody seem very amenable with a diverse range of characters and boats. Everyone is now in the “rally mood “ All the boats are dressed overall with as many flags flying as possible ,  in the best Rally Traditions.


We have done our final Sainsbury shop which we were transported to , by a minibus provided by a Sailing charity Horizons , and our driver John is a great bloke. We now have enough provisions to not only cross the Biscay but go to America if we want to !!!!!


The first Rally briefing was held at the local Royal Albion Rugby Club , and it was the first time we were able to see all the crews from the 15 boats going , it was a very convivial evening. A presentation of the various stops down the Portuguese coast  was given,  supported by an excellent  slide show, and everyone was smiling at the prospect of the next 3 weeks.

A  good  meal with wine was provided and the evening ended with everyone knowing each other a lot more than previously , with an indication of what was to come, at these party stop over’s in each port.


We are now 24 hours away from the start  and with the wind predicted easterly  at 4 to 5 it seems a perfect start for the first leg crossing the Biscay,  to Bayona.


All the best

The crew from Andiamo  Dell ,Alan and Steve


Ps next report from Bayona.