Mon 2 Dec 2013 15:56
I have never seen rain like that which is falling here in La Gomera. The true definition of torrential still falls miserably short. To pass time, the ocean rowers occasionally hang out at the Blue Marlin, a bar run by an incredibly well known and energetic man they call Monolo. Monolo enjoys testing us either with push up contests or every now and again, a good old arm-wrestle. For years I've rated myself at this usually drunk pastime and so Monolo had met his match. He could clearly tell from my firm grasp that it was game over for the ripped 60 year old before it had started and so, after 10 mins of complaining about this and that, he refused. So up stepped my first competitor, a rower from the team Atlantic Splash (victory 1 to me). Up stepped 2 more of his teams mates who all shared the same fate. Mr Turner who completed his row in a 4 man Loughborough team in 2011 and has come out to watch our start (postponed until noon Wednesday due to poor weather) gave me rather a tougher job, but even he after 30 seconds was made to succumb. By now the blood was well and truly pumping to my arms, and just as well, a crowd had accumulated and up stood 2 more from the Atlantic Polo Team. Professional Sportsman are fighters and i could tell from their faces that this would be no different. Unfortunately for them i had other plans, and i had my way with them in quick succession. There was no need for a ‘whose next?’ from me as i was beginning to get comfy in my chair, as no longer than a second after the last man left his seat had it been filled by the solo rower Chris, whose boat is named Amigo. Chris must be near 50 and is a top guy with a keen interest in astronomy so he’s very much going to be in his element over the next few months. However, astronomers are not renowned arm wrestlers. However, much to my dismay, i was put under some serious strain right from the off. I have spoken about the fear of embarrassment being a strong one and so with all my might (almost all), i tamed his beastly arm and brought him slowly down to my left and 10th victory. Life was good for a matter of minutes before one of the largest ocean rowers I've ever seen took his seat. He had been biding his time whilst watching me flatten half the fleet. He had clearly had enough of this cocky 21 year old and Immediately looked comfortable on his chair. I on the other hand begun to feel less so. The Swedish rower from a team called Prosecta put up the victory of the evening. I would like to say that i was fatigued but in reality as the horrific feeling of having your arm pulled the wrong way at an alarming velocity flooded over me, i begun to realise that my throne was about to be taken due to a lack in strength. The loss signalled a low point and the end of my evening as i sloped back to the hotel room. That was 3 nights ago. Since then Luke, who is currently cutting out patches of leather for his soft hairless bum, and i, have been fine tuning our on board systems and having a laugh with our new found friends. Luckily, the rain has now tamed to torrential, so we’re off to get some food. J x