blog 2

Tue 19 Nov 2013 23:30
If only words could describe the excitement that’s flowing through my body at the moment. We’ve just returned from an evening at (the Blue Marlin) the local hangout for those who intend to row the Atlantic. Having spent 3 days now with the other race entrants we have already eyed up our competitors, the teams we love and those we dislike for one reason or another. I’ve just been looking up at the night sky from our hotel window admiring the stars yet the only thing that comes to mind are the words that were said at our launch by ex-soldier and ocean rower Rory McKenzie ‘If only you could imagine the stars that we see at night on the ocean. Imagine a sky with absolutely no man made light. I would row the entire ocean again, just to see those night skies’. My feelings are completely contradictory. I am about to encounter more fear than i have ever experienced before. That first night in particular, when the huge waves are rolling under you and splashing over you but you can’t see a thing. This, apparently is terrifying and really shakes people up. On the other hand however, i could not want to get stuck into anything else more, i want it more than anything! Tomorrow morning at 9 am we have our ‘scrutineering’. We are the first boat in the 16 team fleet to do this meaning we are the best prepared, and we feel that way too. Bring it on, and wish us luck. xxxx