Tue 10 Dec 2013 15:45
so we have got into our 7th 24 hr period at sea, and are on the way back from where we left sadly!
not to worry though, being stuck in a tiny cabin with sweat and stuff everyday for 3 days seems bad, but there are teams with 4 men and their cabins are only a tiny bit bigger than ours. How they manage I don’t know. on the plus side, the things you need are never out of arms reach, even if it takes 30 mins to find a cable out of the thousands we seem to have. The worst it got for me was last night when my little fan broke. jamie was laughing as he deals with the heat much better than me, and i was trying to screw this really fiddly thing while falling all over the cabin, i eventually managed it, but then it broke again, and i felt sea sick enough allready after one try.
Its actually fine being stuck, all the other teams are in the same situation, and its going to give us time for our bodies and hands especially to recover. i just hope that going back into the 2hr/2hr routine is not ass difficult as before.
i felt very pleased with myself today as i managed to master the art of ‘goin toilet’ in the big seas, which is extremely nerve-racking, trying not to get thrown over the edge, and let the bucket fall over the boat whilst looking out for big waves was a feat of multi tasking im sure many thought would be beyond me, but NO!  Jamie has been holding his in because he is too scared to venture on deck, lets just hope the weather does change tomorrow lunch time like we have been told.
we had one scary moment when i thought we had lost our sea anchor because we were drifting at an alarmingly fast speed, and another when a huge wave crashed though our cabin, but all the stuff has dried, and little went near the electrics. im quite content with the big weather now, its quite cool watching it too I sat on deck and had a canarian cigar today which was a nice treat. Jamie and i are keeping each other laughing and in good spirits, and this will just mean we want to row harder when the next chance comes.