Carlisle Bay -

Caribbean adventure
nick & annabella Atkinson
Fri 8 Apr 2011 13:49
We went for a day sail to Carlisle bay yesterday (Thursday); only approx 12 miles but we enjoy this sail alot as we always get lots of wind funnelling down from the West Coast of Antigua but very sheltered waters so no waves allowing some very fast sailing.
We managed 9 knots up wind which was fantastic and because the wind is so constant you can get the boat to sit nicely in the groove with very little adjustment â we were also sailing in 2.5 M of water so always a little interesting doing a fast speed when you can see the bottom... We are getting used to sailing and tacking in and out of the coral reefs and provides a little more fun than then the normal blast to windward.
We are planning on going to English harbour on Sunday for the Shirley heights party and coming back on Monday; the weather looks good and we will head over towards monseratt and then tack back towards antigua; this will give us an offshore blast to get us back in the routine. We are thinking of heading to St Barths next weekend and making our way back to St marteen as we would like to fill the boat up with some duty free shopping prior to our return.
We are then going to spend some time in the BVIâs prior to our return trip home â we still have some big trips left and probably some quite rough weather but we should have the wind on our beam which will make for very fast sailing even though it will be wet as the sea will be forward of the beam (lots of wet people)...
Further update to follow after the Party on Sunday and maybe some photos!!