Up's and down's

Caribbean adventure
nick & annabella Atkinson
Sun 28 Nov 2010 20:07
Well boat has finally arrived and we have spent the last 3 days rebuilding everything that we took off in the UK - It has really been hard graft and sometimes have had to remind ourselves that this is meant to be a holiday and not a chore - The wind Generator has now been built and now taken down - we have taken the decision that the weather is still not good and the seas are stil quite steep which means a lot of slamming and we are not sure that the wind generator will take all the abuse so it has been taken down and stored for another day!!! I feel happier that this has been done even though we are now reliant on the portable generator running 2 hours a day for the fridge and neccessary charging whilst anchored.
Anna has stowed the boat and we are kind of ready to leave but the weather is playing havoc and some yachts have left to only return a few hours later sayng the sea was too big and uncomfortable. We were planning on leaving tomorrow but Anna has decided to visit the hairdressers for a 3rd time as she is so uncomfortable with her hair colour!! This will give me a chance to change the oil in the generator which is still running its running in oil (if that makes sense)
All in all the boat and us are coming together well - the boat looks like a proper live aboard yacht with sails and clothes all over the deck but this is what we both signed up for so ""Man Up"" and enjoy the ride!!
PS the camera has gone on the blink so no photos at the moment!
Will send through some soon
Love to everyone back home -
86 degrees and sunny!!
N & A xxxxx