repairs - Oil Lube cooler and engine paint

Caribbean adventure
nick & annabella Atkinson
Thu 31 Mar 2011 00:18
Well today has been fun!
Decided to finally tackle the oil lube cooler (fancy word for a piece of metal that acts as a heat exchanger, cooling the returning engine oil with salt water) the problem is this part suffers badly from electrolosis and the engine manufactuerer has still not worked out how to solve this. new part is 2K so not an optionThe leak which is small has made some very unsightly rust stains on the engine which I sanded back today and primed with a spray - I have now purchased some Yanmar paint and the engine is looking brand new - no rust stains and very smooth job all done with high pressure spray gun.
Only problem is that I still have the leak which I have located as being the sump nut on the lube cooler - this has been sorted now as I have used 2 part epoxy to weld the nut shut which hopefully I wont be needing to open anytime soon. The glue must have been made to measure as it was the same gun metal grey as the engine so I thought it was meant for the job.
Sorry for the boring update but a little DIY that needs noting
Happy days
on to the next job - teaking