Road Town - Peter Island -

Caribbean adventure
nick & annabella Atkinson
Mon 6 Dec 2010 23:01
Hi everyone -
This is just a short one followed by some pictures tomorrow (hopefully) Sat Phone message  -
Well we left Norman Island after a very big night in the famous Willy T’s (pretty much an old ship that is now a bar); Anna felt awful the next day and I just put it down to the sun but probably was a similar case for me!
We had some lovely snorkelling during the day and then got ready for the evening; we got in the dinghy and I flashed the light in the water and saw two large sharks swimming around the boat; I said to Anna that we had some friends and she did not believe me and then I said “no not friends but sharks” and she said where – I shone the torch again and there were two now and big ones!! being a david Bellamy expert I put this down to Nurse Sharks but were later told that they were Bull Sharks (some of the most aggressive in the world); my snorkelling has taken a back seat and now spending more time on the boat! Anyway not to worry all body parts are still with us (liver not counted)... the caribbean has never had a fatality when it comes to sharks so all cool!
We then went to Road Town the Capital of Tortola where we re-provisioned and purchased some much needed spares for the boat and filled up with water --- provisioning is an art that Anna has mastered (thinking of meals so far ahead!) We are having Curry tonight (not take away from the local but home cooked) imported jars from the UK.
We were glad to leave road town today and get back to the nice quiet anchorages that we like so much! now we are anchored in Peter Island which is quite quiet and very secluded – we are hoping for a quiet night at anchor but we have some swell due in from the North which could have an impact on the anchorage but such is life!
Tomorrow will be pictures I hope when we have some internet connection and not reliant on the Sat Phone
Love to all
Nick & Anna xxxx