Storm Surge

Randall B Griepp
Sun 28 Oct 2012 15:51

37:01.441N 76:20.484W

October 28 Sunday 10:00

Heavy rain all night and continues today unabated. The wind is not bad, coming mostly from the east and north east at 15-20 knots at most. Last night when we returned to the boat the water was at the dock level; this morning the Dock was awash in knee deep water. A Canadian couple, owners of the boat “Reberth” behind us at the Dock came from the Hotel, took a look at the situation and went back to the Hotel realizing that they could not get on their boat without taking a swim. But this of course did not stop the intrepid Skipper of the Traveling Light and he ventured out into the elements to pay a visit to the facilities (picture of the Skipper in action attached). I think I will wait until the tide goes down a bit before I set my foot on the Dock…

JPEG image

JPEG image