Randall B Griepp
Sun 5 May 2013 02:06

19:02.23N 64:58.38W

Saturday  May 4, 2013  9:00 pm

Nanny Cay, The Spinnaker is flying

I came to Nanny Cay on Thursday. It is a little green water inlet nestled between lush green hills. Multimillion dollar pleasure craft of all breeds and about a dozen Pelicans have made this their home.  We spent Friday tidying up the last loose ends and getting Traveling Light ready for the trip home. Sean called to say that the case had settled around 2:00 pm but there was no way for him to get here before the start of the rally. It is a shame since he was really psyched up for it. Well that leaves us, the two old men. There was a barbecue on the beach Friday Night. Saturday morning the docks were busy with a lot of foot traffic everybody getting ready for the 12 o’clock start. I watched the Pelicans having breakfast, diving for fish around the docks with the precision of guided missiles oblivious to the human frenzy going on the docks.  Breakfast does not come easy for the Pelicans; after catching their prey they have to fend of the petrels trying to grab the catch from their beaks.

We slipped our lines around 11:00 am and crossed the starting line at little after 12. As soon as we got on our final course to Bermuda we put up the spinnaker and set off on a very pleasant downwind sail on calm seas and sunny skies. It is a starry night now but there is distant lightning. The course we are sailing is not ideal but it is the best we cwn do with this wind. We are hoping for a favorable wind shift that is expected in half a day. The Skipper is sleeping and I am doing the first shift until 2:00 am. So far so good…