Night Owl and farewell to Sandy

Randall B Griepp
Fri 26 Oct 2012 04:01

37:14.356N 75:25.119W

October 25 Wednesday  23:50

Early start and smooth sailing (no motoring) all day. The seas were calm but the sky overcast. We had steady east wind at 10-15 knots all day and made the most of it so much so that we could arrive way ahead of the schedule at the Chesapeake Bay entrance by Cape Charles around 3 or four in the morning. We really do not want to be there at night with all that traffic of large behemoths coming and going up the Bay. So we shortened sail and settled in for the long night. The wind picked up gusting up to 20 knots and backing a bit to north. The swells also increased with following seas 4-6 feet. I am about to wake the Skipper up to take over the watch. The first night was kind of tense for me with several vessels coming from many directions, You sort of sweat it out until you figure out that they are not going to cut you in half in the middle of the night… All aside a good day and a great night with a moon lit sea and a clear sky with Jupiter brightly ensconced in Taurus; a good omen for me. More importantly” bye bye Sandy”. By the time she or her shadow arrives we will be safe and secure in Hampton…