42 06.40N 69 58.22W

Randall B Griepp
Sat 10 Jul 2010 17:01

July 10, 2010  8:44 am


Off we go!

After the repairs at Burr Brothers in Marion where we found several other issues with the starboard engine. We  motor sailed to Cape Cod canal and sailed most of the way from there to Provincetown. We anchored for the night  just beyond the point where the light house stands around 1:00 am. At 6:00 am after filling our stomachs with oatmeal David and I took our assorted anti-cholinergics hoping that they might help keep the breakfast in where it belongs. We secured the stuff on  and below the deck. Put the Jack Lines and tried the life jackets and the harnesses on. The Skipper demonstrated the proper technique of emptying the stomach overboard by the side rails. We each have our own buckets in case if even proper technique becomes too dangerous. We don’t want to be fishing crew out of the water, just fish (if we are lucky) will do.

We are about to round Cape Cod and head due east. The prediction for out there is quite rough and windy for the next two days until the Low that some of you have experienced on the East Coast passes. But that is what we came here for. Wind!

Finally we will cross the Atlantic!